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PT.TIARA JAYA MAKMUR ( Distributors,  Stockist and Agent )
PT.TIARA JAYA MAKMUR ( Distributors, Stockist and Agent )
Ready Stock ELECTRICAL : Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Toshiba, Fuji Electric, Hitachi, Lenze, LS, Delta PNEUMATIC HYDRAULIC : Nachi, Yuken, Konan, Ross, Taco, Ckd, Smc, Airtac, Pisco, Koganei, Daikin, Chanto, Chelic, Atos, Kuroda SENSOR : Sunx, Keyence, Omron
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Mr. Eko - Lia Dhani [Marketing]
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Y!: eko_tiarajaya Y!: eko_tiarajaya Y!: septianietiara Y!: septianietiara Y!: tiara_jayamakmur Y!: tiara_jayamakmur Y!: tiarajaya_makmur Y!: tiarajaya_makmur Y!: tiara_jaya_makmur Y!: tiara_jaya_makmur Y!: tiara_dhani01 Y!: tiara_dhani01 Y!: lia_tjm Y!: lia_tjm
Skype: tiara.jaya.makmur
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Phone number of Mr. Eko - Lia Dhani at Jakarta Selatan
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Mobile number of Mr. Eko - Lia Dhani at Jakarta Selatan
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Fax number of Mr. Eko - Lia Dhani at Jakarta Selatan
Jl. R.S Fatmawati Pinang 1 No.52A Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan 12450, Jakarta
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PROFACE - Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Graphic Operator Interface HMI
KONICS - Recorders,  Indicators,  Pressure Transmitter
Konics was founded in 1983 and developed all kinds of local instruments
such as digital controllers & recorders, indicators, thyristor units( Power supply) , pressure gauges, ....
MITSUBISHI - Inverter FR-A740
F R-A740-7.5K
REXNORD - Coupling VS245
The Rex® Viva® close-coupled coupling is
designed for applications where the shaft gap
between connected equipment is relatively
close together. The unique polyurethane splitin....
REXNORD - Coupling VS-190
The Rex® Viva® close-coupled coupling is
designed for applications where the shaft gap
between connected equipment is relatively
close together. The unique polyurethane splitin....
EUROTHERM - WV408 DC Signal Conditioner
The WV408 has both voltage and current input ranges. Four voltage input ranges ( ± 150mV, ± 1.5V, ± 15V and ± 150V) are DIP switch selectable. Each of these ranges has at least 95....
KANON - Dept Gauge E- TH
E- TH / TH Depth Gauge With Thin Hole Depth Bar
The depth of a thin hole
Enable to measure the small bole depth, because depth Vernier is ƒ Ó 1.5 round depth type.
KANON - DTDK- 50EXL Digital Torque Driver
Digital Torque Driver With Connected Display
The display is separate from the driver. Complete tightening control for small screws.
HUMPHREY - Twin Rod Cylinders
Twin Rod Cylinders
Pneumatic actuator with two units in one creates a non-rotating cylinder having the force of a larger bore actuators in a compact body
Low profile design is....
HUMPHREY - Stainless Steel Cylinder
Stainless Steel Cylinders
Round pneumatic actuators in single and double acting types with stainless steel barrel and rods, aluminum heads and pistons
Bore sizes from 1/ 2 inch....
TAKEX - Fiber Optic Sensor F80R
Simple operation and low cost design
“ Long-distance” mode for dramatically
increased detecting distance
“ Received light” indication enlarged by about 8 times ( compared with....
ATOS - Electronic Drivers
E- MI- AS DIN 43650 connector ( photo at side)
E- BM Undecal DIN 43700 connector
E- ME Eurocard execution
AE( S) Integral for valves without transducer
TE( S) Integral for....
NEMICON - Rotary Encoder AHS2
New Type of The 38
Series Hollow Shaft and
Absolute Models.
Most Advanced 256 PPR High
Resolution with Cover.
NEMICON - Rotary Encoder ASC-HP
Water Proof 50 Series Models
Most Advanced IP65 Encoder.
Large Bearingds
NEMICON - Rotary Encoder NAR-H
Hybrid Multi Turn Absolute Encoder
• Compact Design with Small Sizing
of 39mm Diameter.
• The MR Sensors is Used to Count
Up The Number of Multi Turn.
YAESU - Tape Dispenser ZCUT 8
Cut Length 9 ~ 61mm
Tape Width 3 ~ 25mm
Max. Outside Diameter 150mm
Weight 2.12 kg
Dimensions 250 x 150 x 120mm
YAESU - Tape Dispenser ZCUT- 2
Model: Z- CUT2
1) Tape width: 3mm to 22mm
2) Cut length: 13mm to 59mm
3) Core diameter: 25mm, 32mm, 75mm
4) Power supply: AC 110V/ 60Hz, AC 220V/ 50Hz
KONAN - Cylinder CP68
CP68 Lightweight compact oilless type ( standard type)

CP68H Lightweight compact heat-resistant type

MP68 Lightweight compact oilless cylinders with 5-port solenoid valve
TAMAGAWA SEIKI - Rotary Encoder TS5150
Applications For instrumentation For industrial For milling Features Ultra small size Small size and low cost Wide range of resolution, a lot of options Ultra rugged
Model Series....
TAKEX - Fiber Sensor F71
Ultra thin type 8 turns sensitivity adjustment is used Anti Mutual Interference function up to 8 units
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